A downloadable virtual mini-garden for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Maintain a garden in a relaxing ambient using quirky plants and pots that evolve as you develop them.

  • Maintain your garden doing common gardenings tasks such as watering or applying compost.
  • Name and talk your plants, to establish a healthy relationship with them.
  • Unlock music themes, decorations and new plants by leveling up your garden.
  • Game in real time, with day/night cycling.
  • Customize your garden with various plants and decorations.

Solaria was a winner for the XII edition of the Universitary Libre Software Contest in Spain.

Solaria is libre software under the GPLv3 license. You can check its source code here.


    solaria-1.0-android.apk 62 MB
    solaria-1.0-linux.zip 27 MB
    solaria-1.0-windows.zip 25 MB
    solaria-1.0-mac.zip 29 MB


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    i want to compliment with you for this awesome gem, so clean and peaceful.

    This game show how often the concept of Less is more is the right way.

    We are super happy that you liked it. <3


    no fair u guys always get to make your own games